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A facelift continues to be the most effective way for dramatically turning back time on your appearance. This surgical procedure has evolved considerably over the years, transforming from the “windswept” results of the past to today’s outcomes that are much more natural and beautiful. If you are thinking about a facelift, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you enjoy the best possible results from your procedure.

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Before undergoing a facelift, you need to determine whether this is the procedure that will help you meet your aesthetic goals best. There are a number of potential benefits a facelift can offer:

  • Removes loose, sagging skin for a firmer appearance and a smoother facial profile
  • Smooths away facial creases, particularly those around the nose, mouth and chin
  • Removes the jowls that frequently appear along the jawline
  • Eliminates the appearance of a double chin or turkey wattle underneath the chin
  • Restores definition and volume to the midface area for a more youthful appearance
  • Creates a smoother transition between the neck and jawline

When you meet with your surgeon to determine the best procedure for your needs, it is helpful to bring in a list of the concerns you would like addressed during your surgery. Your surgeon should take the time to discuss these concerns with you to ensure an accurate and complete understanding of what your goals might be. Through this consultation you can determine whether a facelift is the best option for you and which type of facelift procedure will offer you the best possible results.


The right surgeon will make all the difference in the success of your facelift. One of the most important qualifications to look for when selecting a surgeon is board certification. This lets you know the surgeon has a certain level of competence and a commitment to the highest standards in patient care. Dr. Mashhadian at Rodeo Surgical Art is a Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the only board that certifies surgeons solely in the area of cosmetic surgery.

In addition to their board certification, you want to know your surgeon has had specific training and experience in the facelift procedure. Ask how many of these procedures the surgeon performs monthly and peruse a few before and after photos to see the surgeon’s work firsthand.


There is more than one way to perform a facelift today, which allows your surgeon to tailor your procedure to your specific needs. Your options may include the following:

Full Facelift – This traditional procedure involves longer incisions, but also allows for greater adjustment of underlying tissue and muscle to create a more youthful profile from the midface to the jawline.

Mini Facelift – Also referred to as the limited incision facelift, this procedure uses smaller incisions and tends to concentrate more on the midface area. It is often recommended for patients with less severe aging signs that would like to see improvement with less downtime involved.

Neck Lift – As the name suggests, this procedure primarily focuses on the lower jawline and the neck area. It is effective in removing the turkey wattle that often appears under the chin as well as the horizontal bands that frequently appear around the neck area.

You and your surgeon should work together to choose the best facelift procedure based on your specific concerns and your desired outcome. In some cases, a combination of procedures may provide you with the best possible results. For example, a facelift may be combined with a neck lift to produce a smoother contour between the neck and face and a better aesthetic result overall. Other patients may choose to undergo skin rejuvenation procedures to improve the look of the skin even while enhancing the facial profile.


The way in which you prepare for your procedure will also impact your outcome. Smoking can affect how well your body heals after any surgery and should be stopped a number of weeks prior to your facelift. Your surgeon will also advise you on whether to stop taking certain medications prior to your procedure to reduce the risk of complications and ensure a better recovery. Follow all of your pre-operative instructions carefully to ensure your body is fully prepared to undergo the rigors of surgery and the recovery period afterward.

A facelift is a surgical procedure that does require downtime afterward to allow your body ample time to heal. Giving yourself plenty of time for the recovery process will produce the best possible incision healing and procedure results. Some of the steps you can take to prepare for your procedure include:

Schedule someone to be with you for a few days after the procedure to provide you with the proper care you need to allow for ample rest and healing

Stock up on food and quiet activities before surgery so you are ready to rest and relax after your procedure

Line up care for your children for a number of days so you can focus on yourself and your recovery

Fill all prescriptions prior to your surgery so they are ready for you when you get home from your procedure

Collect the necessary ice packs, dressings or other supplies you will need during your recovery process – your surgeon should provide you with a list

In addition to these steps, Dr. Mashhadian will provide you with full post-operative instructions to ensure a safe and successful recovery process. Keep in mind that most patients look worse before they look better after this procedure. Prepare to be patient during the recovery process, knowing that your results will become evident as you heal.

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